The Project:

To completely remodel the small 1895 house at the end of the driveway.

Roadside view of a small house about to be remodeled.  It is two stories tall and very old.

The Design Challenge:

Zoning prohibits any expansion of the building envelope.  Stay within the small footprint and create (if possible) three bedrooms and two baths and an open living/dining space with a new kitchen. The best feature of the building is that the first floor has 9 foot ceilings.

The Surprises:

During the renovation we found an 1895 white newsprint paper from the Salvation Army, neatly folded and hidden in the farthest corner of the almost inaccessible attic.  It and several other very old items clearly were left there as a “time capsule”.  During the demolition we discovered the many ways this 110 year old building had been remodeled before.  Oddly, it never had an addition.  But removing several layers of very old paneling, drywall and plaster added over 6” to the interior dimensions.

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